Thursday, April 20, 2017

Five Tips for Computer Programming Beginners

Are you into computer programming and don't know your way out? Here are five tips for programming beginners that I am sharing, which I would have loved if someone else could have told me when I was starting up as a computer programmer.

It's all about problem-solving

The first tip is to understand that computer programming is just a tool and that it is mostly about problem-solving. If you know how to solve problems and you sharpen that skill, then computer programming is just a way of expressing our thought processes in the form of a code.

Learn more fundamentals of the given language

The second tip is about you learning the basics, since that will make you into a more well-rounded software developer. By the fundamentals I mean data structures, algorithms, different computer programming paradigms such as object-oriented programming and functional programming, clean coding, and refactoring.  Learning this can be done concerning any of your preferred programming language of your choice.

Build on your interest

The third tip is for you to realize what you are really interested in and a very specific way to accomplish that is to go ahead and try to see if you are more of an analytical person or a creative person. You might be a little bit of both, or you might have an extreme interest in both when it comes to computer programming. That doesn't matter, what matters is for you to understand yourself and your interests so that you can more easily set clear goals and start moving towards them.

Select a target study project

The fourth tip is for you to choose a project that you are passionate about. Then, start using computer programming and working on your passion since that will allow you to be more engaged and your interest levels will be much higher. The key is to to be working on something that could potentially impact your life or you are passionate about.

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